Royal Navy Type 45 Daring class destroyer with 2 x 20MW AC PWM drives for main propulsion

Resonant Link technology has numerous military applications.

Due to the sensitivity with respect to military applications, only brief details of the application of Resonant Link technology and its predecessors can be presented.

In fact, the predecessor of the improved Resonant Link technology originated from US military which originated from the US StarWars project as the actual power behind the laser weapons. Such projects were funded by both the US Navy and US Airforce.

The initial development in the early 1990s was for high power StarWars pulsed laser projects. Another development was an evaluation project for variable frequency drives for the US Navy, with a view to eventual main propulsion drives. Work also conducted on a number of other projects including high power-density Active Microwave Denial systems, electric armour power supply systems, IED destruction systems and Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch systems for aircraft carriers.

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