Whilst the introduction of new technologies is to be applauded, it is how those new technologies are applied which is of paramount importance.

This is certainly the case with Resonant Link technology.

The benefits of Resonant Link technology, including soft-switching, harmonic-less operation, high power-density (around 15%-20% of PWM converters) and wide voltage capability, ensures the technology has the capability and the serious possibility of replacing conventional power conversion technologies across a range of sectors and applications.

The information provided in this Applications section of the website will hopefully confirm to the reader the breadth and extent to which this technology can be applied across many sectors and applications, including some of the latter which may been thought not to be viable or to be impossible.

When looking at the application examples listed on this website please be aware that these are only a sample of what is possible with Resonant Link technology. Innovation in the applications field is the key to success. If a specific application is not listed, please contact us.

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